GYA (Ghana Youth Awards)

Ghana Youth Forum"Musicians have GMA, Actors & Actress has Movie Awards, marketing has CIMG, and now the Youth have the Ghana Youth Awards or GYA!"

Do you know a youth (15-35 years) or a youth-led organization, media entity or volunteer making an outstanding impact in our nation? Nominate their achievement today for the Ghana Youth Awards to give them a chance to win their share of cash, prizes, national recognition for their cause and a place in the spotlight!

The 1st Ghana Youth Awards is the largest youth awards ceremony in the country, recognizing the most outstanding achievements by youth organizations, charities, businesses and young individuals nationwide. From May 30 until August 30, 2012, people and organizations can visit to nominate youth groups, businesses and individuals for their remarkable achievements in the community and the nation as a whole. GYA will publish each submitted achievement as an article on the Ghana Youth Awards Page, the national newspapers and social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc) to put a national spotlight on these amazing individuals and stories.

The 1st GHANA YOUTH Awards competition will culminate with a red-carpet awards ceremony on Saturday, March 2, 2013 in Accra, where the winners of the national event will be announced onstage. It will feature a host of government officials, corporate executives, music talent, youth groups, business and technology leaders, and thousands of Ghana Youth Awards supporters. The GYA launching is scheduled for August 15, 2012 at the Karma Conference Center, Accra.

In addition to the Awards launching, 54 Kingdoms and AYONET will also host the Ghana Youth Forum; a national platform for youth participation in the decision making and governance process of Ghana on Wednesday, August 15 to give participants an opportunity to meet and mingle with some of the country’s top politicians, entrepreneurs, media persons, organizations and the country’s best and brightest brains.

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