GYF (Ghana Youth Forum)

Ghana Youth ForumThe Ghana Youth Forum is subsidiary of the Africa Youth Network (AYONET); a non-governmental, non partisan, a youth charity organization formed in 2006 with the main aim to empower the African youth to Lead, Transform and Achieve total development.

Africa Youth Network’s mission is to empower African youth and to take responsibility for themselves and their community through programs and services that promote positive social and civic values; to create opportunities for self-improvement through academic instruction, employability training, community service, and to empower them to be global leaders.

The Ghana Youth Forum is a nationwide youth forum in Ghana that engages the youth in national issues, governance and contribute to the decision making process of the nation. As we all know, the youth plays a pivotal role in nation building. In general it has been seen that in countries where the youth are more agile and pay their proper contribution towards their nation (in the form of getting complete and proper knowledge in all areas) are more developed. It is also the responsibility of the government to provide the youth with the proper facilities and structures to getting them abreast and equipped with the knowledge of modern era.

A nation’s existence without a vibrant youth has no future, how then can the baton of leadership be passed on to the young if they are inadequately empowered, motivated and involved in the decision making process o the nation’s developmental agenda? It is therefore imperative that necessary attention is given the youth and to enable them to live and lead positive life styles in a bid to achieve the millennium development goals.

It is our goal that all young people in Ghana acquire the skills, self-confidence, and opportunity to participate fully, freely, and responsibly in the life of the community. Our central programmatic philosophy is Positive Youth Development. At AYONET, we believe the elements necessary for Positive Youth Development include a safe environment, caring adults, positive messages and encouragement, a sense of belonging, and a sense of empowerment.

AYONET believes that:

  • Young people should be seen as asset and NOT a problem
  • Youth should be given a voice in the national, regional, districts and community programmes and projects. They should be transformed from mere participants into partners and from beneficiaries of the programmes into resources for the programmes.
  • Young people must be able to develop their communities rather than relying on outsiders or foreign support or leaving the shores of the nation in seeks of greener pasture elsewhere in Europe, Asia or Americas.
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